About Us

Hongsteel Warehouse has Over time become a force to be reckoned with in the steel and chemical industry, we diversified to include structural long products, couplers and plate and grew to become one of the regions’ leading manufactures and distributors of steel and chemical products.

As a chemical sourcing and trading agent, Hongsteel Warehouse opens up the vast and expansive market in China to international buyers. The product range includes: chemicals, pharmaceuticals, intermediates and dyes.

Who We Are

Vision: We will be a preferred supplier to CUSTOMERS. They will think of us when needing our products. Their purchasing experience will always be pleasant, informative and helpful in meeting their objectives.

Mission: We will deliver on our vision by being responsible and relevant in the markets we choose to participate in. We will deliver sustainable shareholder value and the best total value solution to customers through excellent service, an efficient supply chain, financing and value-added processing.

Why Choose Us

Hongsteel Warehouse possesses great knowledge of the factories in numerous provinces and ample of experience in dealing with suppliers. In addition to contacts permanently stationed in China Hongsteel Warehouse will find the product you need.

Hongsteel Warehouse has continued the belief of striving for innovation by forming partnerships with Chinese research laboratories to create new innovative products both in the steel and chemical industries, and to develop new products for custom synthesis.

Awesome Results

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