Hong Kong Steel Warehouse and chemicals is a production and distribution company providing both local and international clients with steel and chemicals produced in China.

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Steel Distribution

Hong Kong Steel Warehouse is one of the leading suppliers of reinforcing steel bars, sheet piles and H-beams in Hong Kong imported and distributed to contractors in Hong Kong, Macau and Southern China and Overseas.

Steel Reinforcement Products, Services and Accessories

Hong Kong Steel Warehouse is a leading supplier of reinforcing steel products and services in Hong Kong. Job references include public housing developments, civic buildings, highways and residential and commercial developments.

Sourcing Specialist

With China becoming an export powerhouse in chemicals and pharmaceuticals, Our deep knowledge of capabilities in China is well positioned to help you source or develop quality products of your specification at the best price available.

New Products

Hongsteel Warehouse is able to continually offer exciting new or specialized products as they become available.

Steel Coil Processing

With the deployment of advanced and high-precision coil processing equipment, consistent high quality products with tight tolerance are always guaranteed.

Elevator Wire Ropes

Hongsteel Warehouse is principally engaged in the development and manufacture of steel wire rope for elevators.

Steel Wire Products

We specialize in the manufacture of high and low carbon steel wire products which are used in wide variety of applications across multiple industries.

Metal Products

Hongsteel Warehouse is a primary supplier of coil steel to the export processing industries in Hong Kong and all neighboring regions.

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With arguably the most extensive database of manufacturers and chemical items, Hongsteel Warehouse can import / export quality steel and chemical products any where in the world.